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parshu ram bastola

My Name is PARSHU RAM BASTOLA , PRAISE WORTHY ATHLETE is one of the most Celebrated Athlete of my country Nepal. I am by far one of the most successful Sportsperson. I am a prime SHITO-RYU KARATE Player of our Generation. I has won numerous awards ,prizes and the most remarkable wins has to be him winning more than 15 Gold Medals at National and International level. I has total 7 numbers of Silver Medals to his Name. Recently Me and another fellow Karate Player sunil Lama won bronze medals in the 19th Central England Open Karate Championship. me claimed bronze in men’s singles kata at the recent Championship. I as 7 Bronze medals to name as well which he has won at National and International Level. I was born and raised at Jhapa has traveled more than 15 countries including Bangladesh, China, Japan, South Korea, German, Austrila, United kingdom, Netherland, Hongkong, India and many more. I has been successful in winning medals for most of the time. Which is the proudest moments for all. I has been associated with many organization. I has worked as an Asst- Coach in SHITO-RYU Karate Brance Dojo Lainchour, Kathmandu, Nepal. currently Working As a Secretary Of SHITO-RYU Karate Branch Dojo Lainchour, Kathmandu, Nepal AS Well as Working at Aksharaa School As Karate Coach,Kathmandu,Nepal. I has been keeping myself busy in various institutions and sport centers around the nation. I being an impressive and inspiring National class Athlete is also very skilled in coaching in Karate,Kick-Boxing,Football as well. This shows that he is indeed very multi talented when it comes to being A playing holding Gold medals.